Library Bags Wanted! (and a special announcement…)

If you’ve been to Griffin Free, you may have noticed our large blank wall space near the circulation desk (as you look toward the room with the fiction and young adult collections). We have been exploring ways to make that space interesting for a while now, and we finally have a plan!

We are looking to fill that space up with library bags – from all over NH, New England, and even the whole United States! Our plan is to display all these interesting library bags in order to show off logos, colors, designs, and other elements that make libraries interesting and fun. If you have a bag from any library that is clean and that you are willing to donate, let us know (or just bring it in). We will be putting together a collage of these bags to decorate our space and show the appreciation that we at Griffin Free have for all our fellow libraries that are providing great service in their communities.

Of course, this will also serve as a backdrop to the the big reveal of the brand new Griffin Free Public Library logo! We don’t have a final date for the release just yet, but we are hopeful to have it ready for public view within the next few weeks. The early results have been outstanding, and we anticipate the final product will be widely appreciated and continue sparking interest about the library in Auburn.

Stay tuned for more logo information as it becomes available, and let us know if you have library bags to contribute to our project. Thanks for being a part of Griffin Free!

Technical Issues Resolved!

Our full listing of menus has been restored and the website should be working just fine. I apologize if you were sidelined by our brief interruption earlier.

If you have any questions or concerns, or need assistance, please contact us at the library. Thank you for being a part of Griffin Free!

Do You Read? Why Not Review?

Some of you who check regularly may have noticed that there aren’t a whole lot of new book reviews being posted lately. I love writing book reviews, but I can only read so much – and my tastes don’t overlap with a lot of popular types of books.

So I’m looking to you to help fill out our review section. If you are an avid reader, we want to hear from you! We are looking for anyone interested in writing short reviews of books they read, whether new or old, and in any genre (including non-fiction).

You don’t have to be a great writer, just someone willing to share your thoughts with others. You can be anonymous if you want, and I can help edit out any typos before it gets posted to the website. They don’t have to be very long – a few paragraphs is plenty. And you don’t have to submit them on a schedule – just whenever you get around to it.

So what do you say? Care to help us out, and try your hand at reviewing? If so, contact me at, or visit me at the library. I’ll be happy to talk you through the process.

Open House Review

This past Sunday was our 2nd Annual Griffin Free Public Library Open House. Thanks to a long-anticipated lovely spring day, our attendance was down from last year’s event. Still, the library had quite a few visitors to enjoy our trivia and door prizes, our wandering magician, lots of tasty snacks, and great company.

For those of you who attended – and those of you who assisted with the event – thank you so very much! The Open House would not be possible without everyone pitching in, and it wouldn’t mean much without the great people who visit and enjoy the day with us.

If you couldn’t attend, I hope you will keep us in mind for next year. We plan to make the Open House a fun yearly event that has something for the whole family. We are already cooking up some new entertainment ideas and enhancements for next year’s event!

In addition, here is an overview of the exciting programs, initiatives, and features that we wanted to promote this year. If you are interested in any additional information on these topics, feel free to call, email, or drop in!

2014 Open House Overview

  • Topic specific reference guides are available on now
  • Programs for adults are available 2-3 times each month on average. Keep up with our online calendar and Facebook accounts, and by reading our crier articles each month for more details
  • Most programs are held in the front room, where movable shelving provides us a larger area for seating people comfortably
  • Our age-specific storytimes begin in May, so that you can best choose the right events for your children to attend!
  • Look for the new Griffin Free Public Library logo in a few months; I hope you have room for a new bag or t-shirt!
  • The subject-based picture book shelving system will be in place later this year, allowing young children to choose books based on categories and subjects they want!
  • We hope you adjust to our new comfortable seating coming soon to our front room – giving you more options to read, work, and learn right here at the library
  • This fall, our homebound program will offer delivery services to people who cannot for any reason make it to the library. We will be seeking volunteers to assist and patrons to sign up after the summer reading program has finished.
  • We are currently exploring options for hosting laptops and mobile devices for in-library use by our patrons. This would allow you access ebooks, email, and the web from anywhere in the library.
  • In order to provide additional workspace for our patrons, we are hoping to acquire a new circulation desk that would open up more space in that room of the library for tables or workstations.

Thanks for checking in with!


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