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What do you really think about this website?

I attended a meeting yesterday that featured a great presentation by Emily Singley, from Southern New Hampshire University. She talked about making sure that librarians interact with their patrons when determining what a website needs.

And I realize that – after not having a website for so long – coming to probably was so exciting at first that you overlooked some of the flaws, just happy to see something to call your own.

But the honeymoon is up. I need to know what needs sprucing up, and what needs changing altogether. Big or little, doesn’t matter.

Some ideas for comments:

  • What information is missing from the site?
  • What have you had trouble finding?
  • What information is most important to you (that you would want on the front page)?
  • Are the font and colors okay?
  • Would you like to see more links? More pictures? More details?


Tell me what you think. You can leave a comment on this post, or shoot me an email (

Thanks for helping make a great website!


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