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Winter Weather Information

With two storms out of the way in the last week, I just wanted to remind you about the procedures we use to determine whether to close the library, and how we communicate our decision to you.

The determination of whether or not to open is based on weather forecasts from multiple sources. We consider timing, duration, and severity of any weather in the forecast in making a decision. Our primary factor in making a weather decision is the safety of our staff and patrons. Because weather conditions can sometimes change rapidly, the library may at times choose to open later than usual or closer earlier than usual, in addition to decisions to close altogether. Not that we do not follow the decision of AVS, as our schedule is significantly different from theirs.

All decisions that alter the library’s operating hours will be posted on this website and on the library’s Facebook account, as well as listed on WMUR and In most cases – and in order to minimize inconvenience – any decision to close, or to open late will be made at least 90 minutes prior to normal opening time. When possible, decisions to close early will be made one hour in advance of the changed closing time, giving those en route to the library a chance to make it and conduct their business prior to closing.

If you wish to receive emails whenever a closing announcement is made, please subscribe to this blog by going to the “Follow Blog via email” link at the bottom right of the page. Following will get you an email anytime a new item is posted to the website – including all changes to our operating schedule.

We thank you for your patience in light of recent weather events, and hope that this information will help you understand any future decisions to be made. If you have any questions about Griffin Free Public Library’s policies on this issue, please contact

Thank you for being a part of Griffin Free!


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